Changing or moving careers

Enhance your existing therapeutic practice or change career trajectory with gestalt therapy

Why become a gestalt psychotherapist

People come to study gestalt from a variety of backgrounds. Some are developing existing psychology, counselling or other therapeutic practice, others are changing their career trajectory. All come for a developmental, process oriented and life changing group learning experience.  They find in RGT an integrated therapeutic modality that supports better understanding of the human condition, and to develop their own therapeutic presence.

Most people who train in gestalt therapy do so because they have met a gestalt practitioner and have noticed a quality of presence that speaks to them.  They report feeling seen and attended to in ways that they have seldom experienced before.  They recognise the gift of presence, and they want to learn how to be with others in a way that is simple and profound.  Gestalt training offers a comprehensive, experiential and deeply satisfying way to become a relational practitioner.

Who studies gestalt therapy?

Many come to Gestalt Therapy Australia from backgrounds in allied health, including psychology, social work, education, counselling, occupational therapy, nursing, pastoral care, people management, coaching and other organisational roles.  They come to develop their practice by deepening their therapeutic skills and presence.

Others come to this study from different paths.  They are interested in the human condition and may have participated in personal development activities, community engagement, personal therapy, read widely, and thought deeply about working with others.  For these people the course sits well with other training opportunities.  When these students get to the clinic (in their 3rd year) they are really testing this career change.  For most it is life changing.

What is involved

Our course is a deep dive into an integrated therapeutic modality and meaningful support to understanding the human condition for these people. It also supports systemic thinking and group work, including work with groups, couples, families, teams, and organisations.  Graduates of our program work in various settings and take up many different roles, with many graduates working in education, hospitals, youth services, community health, and mental health settings. Many also have busy private practices.

Where to get started

ConnectGround Clinic

Gestalt Therapy Australia (GTA) offers a 4 year psychotherapy training course that explores and deepens relational capacities within the framework of gestalt theory and practice.

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  • A deeply satisfying philosophical and practice methodology for understanding and working with clients
  • An experiential learning environment that offers unparalleled personal development opportunities
  • An Internship at the ConnectGround clinic that supports working with real clients in a vibrant and well held setting
  • Direct learning and practice wisdom from GTA’s experienced educators
  • Confidence to practise gestalt in community settings and private practice